Sevilla’s Orange Fuel

Orange Fuel

When you think Sevilla, you think of long promenades of orange trees. These glossy citrus fruits provide the perfect food for its citizens and tourists. However, given the boom of orange trees in the southern Spanish city, the region has large surpluses of oranges, especially in the winter. While beautiful when hanging from the tree, these fruits fall to the ground, becoming mush under the trampling of people and cars.

The orange surplus issue has resulted in the city having to employ hundreds of workers each year to collect the fallen fruit before there are infests of flies and bugs. Now, Sevilla has found a solution to their orange waste. The city has launched a pilot program with Emasesa, the local water company, to convert 35 tons of fruit to power a water purification plant. The fruit is collected from the streets and transported to a biogas-producing facility to turn the fruit into power for the sewage treatment plant.

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June 25th, 2021 by Christopher Morris