Driverless bus

driverless bus

Europe’s first driverless bus begins its route

The EU Commission is looking to lead the way in promoting the commercialisation of autonomous vehicles and the necessary regulatory framework. There currently exists almost no regulatory background for autonomous vehicles, and there is a good reason for this. It has proved highly problematic to get autonomous vehicles on the ground in real-world situations.

This is why the new project is Malaga is so significant, and its outcomes so crucial to the formation of a new regulatory environment for autonomous vehicles.

The Spanish city has launched Europe’s first electric bus, which runs from the City Centre to the Port. This project is the first time that a full-scale bus has been put on Europe’s streets with no support driver at hand.

The driverless bus uses artificial intelligence to improve its decision-making capabilities whilst interacting with traffic lights along its 8km route. It has been in operation for several weeks now and does this 8km loop six times a day. Each day, it learns more about its route and the environmental surroundings.

This is an exciting project, and the information garnered will go a long way to establishing the initial regulatory framework for the future commercialisation of such technologies.

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March 18th, 2021 by Christopher Morris