Our Expertise – Transport


EU transport policy aims to provide efficient, safe and environmentally friendly mobility solutions for Europeans and to create the conditions for a competitive industry generating growth and jobs. The EU deals with a variety of transport activity including:

  • Traffic congestion
  • Innovation and new technologies
  • Passenger rights
  • Infrastructure funding
  • Sustainable and green mobility

Within these fields the EU has prioritised several policy areas to work on including issues such as emissions and model shifts.


At Chelgate, we have experience of working for clients within all five of the modes of transport regulated by the EU Institutions. We are particularly of our work in the field of emission reduction legislation. Such work ranges not only from raising awareness amongst policy makers of new, innovative, technologies but also ensuring these are recognised in relevant type approval and single market regulation.


The EU Commission, within the framework of the low-emissions strategy has identified three priority areas for action:EU Policy on Transport

  • Increasing the efficiency of the transport system – increasing the role of digital technologies and providing encouraging the shift to lower emission transport modes and innovative/disruptive technologies
  • Speeding up the deployment of low-emission alternative energy for transport – here the EU is investigating the role of alternative fuels such as hydrogen and advanced biofuels. The EU is also working on increasing the role of electrification within the transport sphere.
  • Moving towards zero-emission vehicles – this involve accelerate the transition towards low- and zero-emission vehicles.

Modes of transport

The EU works on five specific modes of transport:

  • Air
  • Road
  • Rail
  • Maritime
  • Inland waterways

Each of these five modes of transport have policy priorities and the European Commission intend to bring forward several legislative announcements on each of these modes over the coming mandate.

Transport Infrastructure

The EU aims to close the gap between national transport networks.