EU Expertise – Transport


“I will work hard to reduce the environmental footprint of mobility and transport activities, and make sure our actions further contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions and improved air quality.”

Adina Ioana Vălean, European Commissioner for Transport  


Sustainable, low-emission transport forms a central pillar of Commission President von der Leyen’s new climate action policy. With the transport sector remaining the only sector where emissions are on the rise, the European Commission seeks to review the entire legislative framework on transport within the next 48 months. 

As announced in the new European Green Deal, the Commission seeks to make the transport sector fit for a zero-carbon future. The new sustainable transport policy seeks to decarbonise all modes of transport, leaving no sector behind. 

The Commission’s priorities include: 

  • Strategy for sustainable and smart mobility 
  • Strategy for automated and connected multimodal mobility
  • Extension of the Emission Trading Scheme to maritime and aviation sector  
  • Increase in production and deployment of sustainable alternative transport fuels


Action Date
Strategy for sustainable and smart mobility 2020
Proposal for more stringent air pollutant emissions standards for combustion-engine vehicles 2021
Proposal for revision of CO2 emissions performance standards for cars and vans June 2021
Revised proposal for a Directive on Combined Transport 2021
Review of the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive 2021
Review of the Trans European Network – Transport Regulation (TEN-T) 2021
Zero Pollution Action Plan 2021