Norway determined to prove CCS is real


Few things result in such diversity of opinion within the sustainability policy debates than Carbon Capture Storage (CCS). Whilst some see it as an essential technology to mitigate the effects of industry on the environment, others consider it nothing more than an expensive fossil fuel subsidy.

However, the Norwegian Government has initiated a full-scale carbon capture and storage (CCS) project in Norway to demonstrate the critical role CCS could play in meeting their decarbonisation targets.

The EU intends to promote potential CCS schemes and has recently put forward the Fortum Oslo Varme CCS project for possible EU funding support. The city of Oslo is a joint owner of the project with Finnish energy company Fortum. The project will equip an existing waste-to-energy plant with a carbon capture facility and capture 90% of the plants CO2 output.

Whilst the CCS debate will rage on in the background, this Oslo project, if successful, could be rolled out in other EU regions. For those hard to decarbonisation areas of industry, Carbon Capture Storage could finally be stepping up as a genuine solution for policymakers.

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June 25th, 2021 by Christopher Morris