Strategic EU Public Affairs


Chelgate Public Affairs is an independent political communications agency located in Brussels, with associates around the world.

Chelgate Public Affairs provides political intelligence, engagement and campaigning services that helps our clients shape the policy and regulatory environments in the European Institutions.

Let us help


Big or small, we believe every business and trade association can become and engaged stakeholder in the EU Institutions – to share their knowledge, expertise and insight with the policymakers.

Chelgate work to ensure that clients are kept up to date with forthcoming policy proposals and provide bespoke engagement strategies to ensure our clients can play a role in shaping the legislative process.

If you want to start the conversation about how you could engage with Brussels, please contact us and we’d be happy to guide you through the process.

Why Chelgate?


We support clients at all stages of the EU legislative journey – from those who wish to react to Commission policy proposals after they have been published, to those who wish to begin new campaigns to introduce new policy.

We have a successful track record of representing a variety of clients in the EU Institutions – from those who have an established presence in Brussels and require bespoke advice for individual elements of their campaigns, to those who wish to begin their public affairs campaign from scratch.

Chelgate specialise in transport, energy and environmental issues. We bring our client’ needs to both the EU Institutions and other global bodies such the International Maritime Office (IMO) the United Nations ECE (UNECE). Here at Chelgate we specialise in understanding how these various institutions work together and how utilising each of them can be expedite our clients’ needs.

We are affiliated to Chelgate Limited who provide UK based public affairs, corporate communications and crisis management services.