Green Deal


The European Green Deal is our new growth strategy. It is ambitious, it is designed to be just, and it is made in Europe for Europe to lead the way to climate neutrality in 2050

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission


The new European Commission under President Ursula von der  Leyen and the  newly elected  European Parliament  are dedicated to  transform Europe in the world’s first climate neutral continent.

The new European Green Deal manifests this ambition. At its core, the Deal lays down an ambitious policy agenda to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. It envisages a comprehensive review of the legislative framework governing all major policy areas, including energy, transport and environment, to align the forthcoming policies with the EU’s climate action objectives.   

The priorities of the Green Deal include: 

  • Clean and affordable energy 
  • Circular and resource efficient economy
  • Sustainable and smart mobility
  • Preserving and restoring biodiversity 


Spring 2020
  • EU Climate Law: to enshire the 2050 climate neutrality objective in legislation
  • Circular Economy Action Plan: to foster sustainable economic growth and transition towards a circular economy, especially by taking eco-design and waste reduction measures
  • Farm to Fork Strategy: to stimulate sustainable food production and consumption and help the agricultural sector transition to a circular economy, primarily by introducing new waste-reducing laws
  • EU Biodiversity strategy: to halt the loss of biodiversity
  • EU Industrial strategy: to decarbonise and modernise engery-intensive industries
Summer 2020
  • Chemicals strategy: to regulate the health and environmental impact of chemicals
  • Plan on greenhous gas emission reduction target: to meet the emission reduction targets of at least 50% compared to 1990 levels
  • Strategy on sustainable and smart mobility: to achieve 90% reduction of emissions in the transport sector
  • Revision of CO2 emission performace standards for cars and vans: to ensure the pathway towards zero emission mobility in 2025
  • Zero polluttion action plan: to prevent and remedy pollution from air, water, soil, and consumer products
  • Proposal for a carbon border tax: to prevent relocation of carbon-intensive industrial production to non-EU countries