Understanding and participating in the political decision-making process is crucial to the overall success of your business operations, yet Westminster’s decision-making apparatus can sometimes appear as complex, opaque and distant.

Counting on more than 25 years’ experience, our London-based team can provide you with the insight and influence to effectively operate in Westminster’s regulatory environment. Whether it is understanding the impact of forthcoming legislation on your business, influencing the decision-making process or raising awareness about your company and solutions among political audiences, we work alongside our clients to develop and implement bespoke public affairs programmes that suit their individual needs.

With the Brexit transition period expiring on 31 December 2020, Chelgate Public Affairs is also here to help you navigate through the post-Brexit regulatory environment in Westminster and Brussels, enabling you to seize the opportunities and avert possible risks that Brexit means to your organisation.

Whether your company aims to maintain presence and influence over EU legislation, seeks to profit from the UK’s redrafting of its national laws, or fears that Brexit will impact the success of business operations in the EU, our team of experts has the advice helping you to achieve your individual objectives post-Brexit.

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Chris Morris
Chief Executive, Chelgate Public Affairs