Florence’s Smart Trams

smart trams

Even the oldest city centres require modern innovations to develop intelligent and sustainable mobility solutions. Florence, one of the oldest and grandest of all European city centres, has recently deployed three new smart trams on their streets.

The smart tram project is part of the EU-funded ELASTIC project, developing new systems to provide real-time location information and hazard detection data. The trams have been fitted with various sensors and cameras to record and measure their surroundings constantly. These trams will then communicate with each other to understand the real-time transport needs within the city – these innovations will create so-called city smart zones.

Aside from the direct sustainability benefits of using trams in the city centre over private cars, the Florence tram project is also working on ensuring that the computer systems themselves are sustainable. An area often overlooked when developing mobility plans is the efficiency of the computer systems which power the various transport systems. This is a life cycle approach to the development of new, smart urban mobility.

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June 25th, 2021 by Christopher Morris