Pocket parks springing up across cities and towns

Pocket parks

The role of pocket parks in urban centres is gaining greater recognition, with various cities beginning to install these tiny green spaces in their urban regeneration and decarbonisation plans. One recent example is Athens, where numerous pocket-sized parks have been developed in previously disused alleyways and disused plots. Not every city park has to be the size of Central Park in New York, and Athens, a famously bustling city centre with a lack of green spaces, has embraced the potential for small green spaces.

The recognition of green space, no matter how small, is undoubtedly at the forefront of town planning. Aside from the obvious environmental benefits of having more plants and shrubs in city centres, studies are beginning to show that these pocket parks will benefit peoples mental health.

Given the policy discussions currently taking place around biodiversity, expect pocket parks to become a regular feature of city centres soon.

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June 25th, 2021 by Christopher Morris