Chelgate Limited does collect personal data on occasion. This is for marketing purposes or in relation to public consultation.

When processing data we undertake the following:

  • The processing is lawful, fair and transparent
  • Transparent about what the data is being used for
  • Data is collected for a specific purpose
  • The data is necessary for the purpose
  • The data must be accurate and kept up to date
  • Data is not kept for longer than necessary
  • The data is kept safe and secure

We may process information on behalf of a client if they ask. This would be subject to the same strict privacy controls.

All storage is secure and our suppliers have GDPR procedures in place.

We have a notification process in place for any breach.

Our Data Protection Officer is Michael Hardware ( or 020 7939 7980).

All of our staff and contractors are familiar with GDPR and their personal responsibilities. All staff are trained on induction and every two years (or sooner if there is a major change in legislation).

We have a right to erasure process. If you wish to be erased, please contact the Data Protection Officer (

We have a privacy notice which informs people what we do with their personal data, this is viewable on our websites.

No personal data is transferred outside of the EU.