Our experience

The Chelgate Brussels Public Affairs team has a wealth of experience in local, national and European public affairs.

The sectors we cover include:

  • Energy and environment
  • Transport
  • Financial and professional services
  • Information technology & cyber security
  • Intellectual property
  • Education and skills

We provide clients with first-class political intelligence and the support they need to engage stakeholders, manage their reputations, and design and run campaigns to achieve their objectives. Chelgate specialise in an array on ongoing legislative dossiers within the fields of European transport, environmental and energy efficiency regulation; specifically:

  • Air pollutants
  • Emission regulation – both light and heavy goods vehicles legislation
  • Euro 5 and 6 regulation
  • Energy efficiency regulation – including Ecodesign/Ecolabel/Renewables
  • Circular Economy and Energy Union – including the recent Winter Package
  • Environmental and chemicals regulation – including REACH/RoHS and WEEE
  • Type Approval

Chelgate understand the complex regulatory environment in which the above legislative portfolios operate. All well-designed projects and policy initiatives require careful engagement strategies and an in-depth knowledge of the political and legislative environments. Chelgate specialise in both identifying the most important stakeholders within the EU Institutions and ensuring clients meet with these identified stakeholders.

If would like to discuss work in-depth please contact:

Liam Herbert
Managing Director