Our Expertise – Environment


The European Union has a wide range of responsibilities covering the environmental sphere. The EU proposes policies and legislation that are aimed at protecting and improving:

  • natural habitats
  • air and water
  • waste disposal
  • knowledge of toxic chemicals
  • sustainable economy

The EU is considered to have some of the most extensive environmental laws of any EU Environment Policyinternational organisation, particularly in the field of chemicals and emission
According to the European Environment Agency, the European Union legislation has established more than 130 separate environmental targets and objectives to be met between 2010 and 2050.


Chelgate have a long history of working on environmental regulation.

EU Plastics Strategy

The EU adopted it first-ever European Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy adopted on January 2018 will transform the way plastic products are designed, used, produced and recycled in the EU. The Strategy is the overarching framework which will transform areas such as:

  • the way plastics are designed
  • the way plastics are used
  • the way plastics are produced and recycled

The Plastic Strategy is part of Europe’s transition towards a circular economy.

Single Use Plastics Directive

The European Commission proposed on May 2018 new EU-wide rules to target the 10 single-use plastic products most often found on Europe’s beaches and seas, as well as lost and abandoned fishing gear. Together these constitute 70% of all marine litter items.